Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Support Update

Dear Supporters, thanks to your prayers and your generous and faithful giving, Kelley and I were able to finish 2008 in the BLACK! We are so thankful that you have continued to sacrificially honor God with your money during this tough economic time. Just like Paul tells the Church at Phillipi in chapter 4 of his letter to them, that he is thankful for their partnership in the Gospel, we say "thanks" for not only helping meet our personal needs, but also freeing us up to evangelize on the campus at NC State. I am sure that if they could, there would be about 50-60 students that would love to thank you for being apart of changing their lives forever. God is using you to create a movement that I believe will continue to ripple out for many years to come. Things to pray for:
  1. Our support over the next year. With the economy struggling, we are feeling the effects greatly, like I am sure many of you are. We have about a $400-600 monthly need (depending upon how the government handles the present crisis), and we only received $1,600 in January. So please pray for us! We need you!
  2. Our marriage. Ministry can be hard (although very rewarding) on a marriage as you give and give to others. Please pray for Kelley and I as we seek to love and submit to one another in a Christlike manner. We desire for people to fall in love with Christ as they see our marriage.
  3. Our student leaders. Pray that they would be Jesus-centered, Spirit filled, and Spirit led.
  4. Students. There are many students that we have been building relationships with and taking spiritual steps towards over the last two years. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will convict their hearts and open their eyes to the Glory of Christ (We have seen 27 students come to Christ in less than 2 years and we are praying that many more would come to know Him personally before the year is out).
Love you!

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