Friday, April 03, 2009

During the summer, the majority of CO staff coordinate and manage “projects” that are structured around the development of students. Most of you have heard us talk about our Summer Orlando Project, where students work at Disney World or SeaWorld during the day and receive spiritual training at night. Or perhaps you recall that last summer Keith and I were part of a Cross Cultural Project to Thailand, where key students ministered outside of their typical culture by joining the full-time CO Thailand staff’s ministry to the campus of Khon Kaen University.
This summer, Keith and I are thrilled to have a unique opportunity to lead a project designed, not for students, but for the development of ten CO Raleigh staff -- us included! Several aspects of ministry will be emphasized in our development plans over the course of June and July:
  • Seminary training at RTS and at the Summit Church in Durham
  • Mercy ministry to Raleigh and Durham
  • Ministry to single and military mothers
  • Church planting
  • Missionary work in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Stewardship training
Along with this development plan, our team will be spending the month of May raising support. Please join in praying for this process as the financial needs of our region have heightened over the past several months. Along with most of you, Keith and I, personally have seen the effects of the economic situation.
God has sustained us financially every step of the way, often through your commitment to us and to the Lord. We see it as a joy to trust God with our checkbooks and thank you for helping minister to us, as you partner with our ministry to college students in Raleigh. You have blessed us by being an active part of Christ’s body in our lives. He is trustworthy to provide -- we pray that you find your confidence in Him now and thank you for how you love us!
Our Life in Raleigh

The two year mark is vastly approaching for Kelley and I in Raleigh. For us, that also means celebrating two years of marriage and ministry together! Man, time flies, doesn’t it?
As I glance back at our time here, it can best be described as two sinners trying to scrap and claw to believe the Gospel and live out its implications in the midst of tons of uncertainty and weaknesses/failure. The older I get, the more I realize that I will not lead and love people well with my own strength. I feel like I am at a time where my performance is always under par, but God is teaching me a whole new understanding of grace. More so, He is teaching me how to live my life in response to what Christ has already done for me (Romans 12:1) rather than what I hope He will do for me or what I, myself, hope to accomplish. I am overwhelmed that God gave me a wife that is stubborn and passionate enough about God’s glory to continue to love and encourage me towards grace and not performance. Please continue to pray for me as I learn more about what it looks like to lead and love Kelley and other people like Jesus and with Jesus.
For Kelley, the past two years have been a work in progress. She has been doing various things from discipling girls to working administratively in the CO office. She has gifts and experiences that are unlike many of our staff because she did not “grow up” in CO and she worked corporately for a couple years after college. This a great benefit to our region; however, it has forced her to be very patient in discovering her specific benefit and fit here. We are trusting God to help Kelley determine the unique calling that He has for her as we work to advance His kingdom.
We are both learning that life is all about seeing the depths of God’s character and trusting Him more and more. We pray you enjoy being called into the same journey.

Thank you for supporting us with your prayers and financial giving. We pray for you often that God would bless you and increase your faith.