Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Year's Conference 2008

Dec. 28- Jan. 1, we took around 40 NC State students to our annual conference in Atlanta. It was a great time in the movement that God is graciously building at State. We were challenged by the realities of the Gospel and how Christ died on the cross to satisfy the justice of the Father. It was amazing to have God pierce Kelley and I hearts, along with our students. God really used this time to not only call seekers and doubters to Himself (we had 2 students submit their lives to Christ), but He also enlarged our student leader's hearts for His Glory, and seeing His reign and rule advanced in Jerusalem (NC State), in all Judea (Raleigh) and Samaria (the Carolinas), and to the the ends of the earth. Rejoice, God is building an incredible movement here!

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