Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Developing Men

Mason Bednarczyk and Mike Hall- Please meet two guys that God is developing into men of His Word, lovers of His Glory, and leaders for His Kingdom. Mason is from Wilmington, NC and Mike is from Apex, NC. Just to give you a little bit of background on these guys; we (our team) met them late last Spring. Mason was a believer when we met him (although he didn't know much about practically walking with God) and Mike "thought" he was a Christian, but had a very "works" based mentality. After a lot of relationship building as a team, I began to met with these men several times a week to open up God's Word and see how it could be applied to our hearts and lives. Over the Christmas break, at NYC 2008 (read below) Mike surrendered His life to Christ. Myself and our team were ecstatic because we had been praying for Mike for a long time.

Now, these men and I are continuing to dive into the Gospel and how it applies to our daily lives. I am completely blown away by their desire to know God more, love people, and be a part of a local church. I can see the fruits of the Spirit all in their lives, and they are making some pretty remarkable decisions to love God wholeheartedly and be missionaries on the campus at State. Please be praying for them as they continue to seek the face of Christ, be emptied of themselves, love the students around them, and grab a vision for what God might do through them in light of His heart for the world.

Supporters (both prayerfully and financially) you are changing lives by freeing us up to do evangelism and saturating our days in your prayers! God is moving!

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