Monday, February 11, 2008

Support Update
Thanks to you and your generosity Kelley and I had the best month that I have possibly ever seen since I have been on staff with Campus Outreach. In December alone, you gave over $14,000 ($3,000 reoccurring gifts and $11,000 one-time). So Kelley and I wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We have had and still do have a reoccurring deficit, but the Lord in His mercy continues to lay us on your hearts and you respond with such zeal. God bless you! Please continue to join us as we pray and trust God for the following:
  1. For God to raise $1,000 in monthly support for us by the summer (Kelley has had to get a job part-time to make ends meet for us over the past couple of months)
  2. For God to raise $150,000 (around $5000 for each student) to cover our expenses for Thailand.
Love you all and thank you for your partnership in the Gospel!

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The Severances said...

great to see the update and it was a real treat to get to see you both a couple weeks ago. press on friends, lia and stacey