Monday, February 11, 2008

This summer Kelley and I will be headed with a team of around 40 people (staff and students) to Thailand for an 8 week cross-cultural project. We are so excited about this opportunity because it will be a chance for us to engage Thai college students with the Gospel, most of them for the first time ever, and have our lives and marriage shaped dramatically by this priceless experience. Below are the some of the reasons why we would go to Thailand:

The need
  1. Approx. 66 million people live in Thailand
  2. 0.3% of them are evangelical Christians
  3. 49 million of the people there are professing Buddhists
  4. There is 1 missionary currently for every 47,000 Thai
  5. 2 million people derive their income from the sex industry
  6. 20% of 11 to 17 girls are sold into prostitution
The door
  1. The Thai people are more open to the Gospel right now than ever before
  2. Freedom of religion is guaranteed in the constitution
  3. Thailand is surrounded by communist countries like Burma, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam, and could become the catalyst for the Kingdom advancing in Asia.
Please begin to pray with us and our team as we gear up and ask God to do more than we could ever image in Thailand.

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