Friday, December 11, 2009

Top 10 Most Challenging Tweets/Statements From the Last Month
Below are the 10 most challenging tweets/statements that I have heard from people within the last month and I hope they humble you and get you excited about the glory of God in the grace, love, and mercy of the Gospel. (not in order of importance or value)

  1. "If you only love the people that you can control, that is NOT love, but control." -Bryan Chappell (via Elliot Grudem)
  2. "If we come to Christ God drew us, which none of us deserves. If we don't, God did not draw us, which all of us deserve." -John Piper
  3. "You are only as free in the Gospel as you make people feel." -Elliot Grudem
  4. "Pursue your spouse as a lover, not as a provider of your needs." -Scott Thomas
  5. “Do you worship God, love people, and use things? Or do you worship yourself, love things, and use people?" -Francis Chan
  6. "You can't love people until you are no longer in slavery to their approval." - Jeff Vanderstelt
  7. "When you delegate tasks you create followers. when you delegate leadership you create leaders." -someone teaching at ReTrain (via Tim Smith)
  8. "The church can get another pastor, but your wife only has one husband." -Mark Driscoll
  9. "Every verse in the Bible is meant to have a good effect. Don't throw any away because at first it doesn't. The problem is us." -John Piper
  10. "If you deal with people at the heart level without being full of grace and love, it will be destructive." -Dr. Sam Williams


Ben said...

That was a great list. Very challenging and yet uplifting as well. It's a bunch of 140 word or less sermons. I prefer that to 140 minute sermons any day.

I know what you're thinking Frye and your wrong. I haven't ever spoken for 140 was 139 min. Get it right!

Brett said...

Loved reading those top 10! And I like the pics. Glad to hear about your job Keith!