Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Job Update: Cars To Go
After a long and sometimes disappointing road of job hunting, I have decided to try my hand at being a wholesale car salesman with my dad. Kelley and I started talking about this a couple of weeks ago, and as we prayed and weighted the pros and cons, it seemed just as good as any other opportunity.

The benefits would be:
  • Gaining sales experience
  • Flexibility (could do this and work a part-time job and/or go to seminary)
  • The chance to work with my dad
  • The opportunity to add "marketing" ideas to help increase our ability to serve people
So if you are looking for a car and don't want the hassle of looking for it yourself...we do ALL the work for YOU. Just let me know the make, model, mileage, year, color(s), and budget and I will go find the car you want.

To find out more about CARS TO GO follow us:

Facebook: www.companies.to/carstogo
Twitter: www.twitter.com/CARS_TO_GO

*If you want to earn cash, refer someone to us. If they buy a car at CARS TO GO, then we will give YOU $100 cash. It's that easy!

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