Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Update: Oliver Marmol
Most of you may not know that one of the guys that I discipled for 3 years just got drafted in this year's Major League Draft. He was picked by the St. Louis Cardinals in the 6th round. It has been a definite dream come true for Oli, and I have recently talk to him several times and all our conversations have been extremely encouraging. Why? One, because he is continuing to pursue God wholeheartedly in a very tough environment. Secondly, because he has also continued to value the hearts of people more than he has the game of baseball. He really understands why God has him there, which is to impact the hearts of men with the gospel. And lastly, he made a comment to me that motivates me to want to do this job for the rest of my life. He told me that since he had been away from the campus that he had begun to see the huge impact that life-on-life discipleship had on his life, and that the training he had received the last three years had prepared him greatly for impacting the players around him for Christ. To build laborers for a lifetime is why I do this job, and I pray that you can rejoice with me in celebrating this laborer that God has used us to build into and develop for His glory and the advancement of His Kingdom. May there be many more like him to come!

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The Severances said...

Hey Ya'll - I love your blog! Your apartment looks great. I think we have the same kitchen table! It does sound like we are learning similar things. Know that we pray for ya'll and will continue to--thanks for including the specific requests. I look forward to seeing how Jesus shows Himself to ya'll and through ya'll in the months to come. We also look forward to seeing ya'll at Ashley and Bowe's wedding. Do ya'll think I could have said "ya'll" anymore in one comment!! We love "ya'll" !
Stacey and Lia